Network based redundancy and failover for SIP Trunking

The Voxitas Private Network delivers advanced recovery capabilities for the smallest of office to the most demanding Call Center applications. You need to manage your capacity and we provide the ability to dynamically route traffic at the network level. Make your network partner work for your needs.

Key Features

  • Keep Your Contact Centers Functioning
  • Maintain Network Dynamically
  • Manage Normal Outage Conditions
  • Protect Your Business Continuity
  • Feature is in the “Cloud”

Voxitas provides unprecedented SIP trunking disaster recover options. Did you know that as a partner with Voxitas you have the ability to deliver to your customers a fully manageable and intelligent disaster recovery solution? With the Voxitas trueDirection product you can add value to your customers by dynamically re-routing your customers inbound voice traffic to a pre-determined destination. This may be an alternate IP-based PBX, an IP Phone, an alternate DID, or even a cell phone.

As IP Based PBX’s are registered to our network via Username & Password or IP Based authentication the customer premise equipment registers with our server farms indicating where to deliver inbound calls. As an inbound call is being prepared to be sent, the Voxitas network will send a small “Invite” packet to verify that the equipment at the customer site is reachable and in a useable state. At any point, if this invite is ignored our Intelligent private network has the ability to dynamically re-route that inbound call to the pre-determined destination. This all happens within seconds and the majority of the time the inbound caller is unaware where the call has been re-routed to. During an Internet outage this is very helpful as it is one less item that network administrators need to be concerned with. Once the connection is restored and the IP-PBX is online our network will recognize the device is usable and will restore the normal calling pattern. Contact your Voxitas Channel Account Manager today for details.